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We have been invited to put on a mini-show at the First Annual County Fair in Hermann, Missouri on September 12 from 10Am-4PM. Come join us for a good time Saturday. See the Events page for more detailed information.

Our 33rd annual Threshers Show has reached its conclusion. Despite our parade getting a little wet on Friday, the show was a huge success. We had over 4000 people pass through the gates (exhibitors included) and the food stand kept having to go out for more supplies due to the unexpected large numbers of people in attendance. The weather was nice and cool with plentiful sunshine most of the time. We give a huge thanks to all who attended, and especially to all the exhibitors who made this show possible. We hope to see you all again next year!

Photos and videos of the exhibits and activites will be added to the website over the next few weeks as time permits.  Be sure to check them out.