Our 2013 Old Threshers Show ended with a large success.  Beautiful weather brought in over 4000 people including exhibitors and children.  Thank you to all who came and participated this year.  Photos have been uploaded to the gallery section.

There has been a change to the featured tractor and engine for next year.  Due to some scheduling changes Ferguson has been pushed back to 2015 and Massey Harris has been set for 2016.  For our 2014 show we will now be featuring Allis Chalmers for tractor.  Massey Harris engines have been pushed back to 2016 to match the tractor feature along with Economy.  2015 will be Associated, and 2014 will be Monitor.

So, here’s a recap for the next few years:
tractor- Allis Chalmers
engine- Monitor

tractor- Ferguson
engine- Associated

tractor- Massey Harris
engine- Massey Harris & Economy